Who are your IDEAL Clients? What are your Offering Them?

You've heard it before- you have to identify your target audience. But how? 

Join me for the Pinnacle Offering Course!

Friday July 19th

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

2851 S. Parker Road, Aurora, CO 80014

Attend the Pinnacle Offering Course July 19th


We take a look at your current clients to review our Abilities and your Clients Potential. Very revealing!  This section alone may explain why you love some clients and feel drained by others!


Using some fun tools, we look at what is your Ideal client.  What are your Ideal services/products they are purchasing from you? 

We will formulate a clear, concise statement that you can use to articulate your ideal client and how you help them. 

Next Level

We will stretch what you think is possible for your business.  What if a client was able to pay you 5x what your highest offer is now?  What would you be offering them?  Let's think Next Level!

Are you clear on your 30 second pitch?

Are you investing money and time each week to belong to a networking group where you have to stand up and talk about your business? Do you have a compelling story to tell or do you fumble around trying to describe who you help and what you provide them?

During the Pinnacle Offering Course, we examine your current clients (don't worry if you are just getting started), to find the commonalities in them, but also in how they make you feel when you work with them!  Are they utilizing your Pinnacle Gift? And much more.

You will leave the course with a clear and compelling way to talk to your IDEAL clients and be ready to offer them just what they need!


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Pinnacle Offering - A part of the Pinnacle Success System.

Don't worry if you haven't taken Pinnacle Gift or Pinnacle Productivity - we do a quick review at the beginning of the course. It's never too soon to identify your IDEAL client and what you can offer them.


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